All paces are welcome.


7:00 am Womble Park Tennis Courts
“Sunday Funday” is an 8 mile run starting at the Womble Park tennis courts.


7:00 pm @ TapLine Growler
The Monday TapLine Runs have routes between 3-5 miles starting at Tapline Growler, navigating through the local greenway and including Womble Park for additional mileage. 


5:30 am Hill Work at Homegrown Pizza or Town Hall
If you live in this town you’re lucky. We have hills and there’s no better way to train for your upcoming race than with some good old fashion Hill Repeats. The Hill Repeat sessions start at the parking lot behind Homegrown Pizza on Linksland for the “Crossway Challenge”. Some weeks, the group will mix it up a bit and meet between My Way Tavern and Town Hall a change of scenery. Do hill repeats one week and do speedwork (below) the next.

5:30 am Track Speedwork at HGMS
You want to get fast? Only one way to do it. Train fast, run fast. Join us on Tuesday mornings for a great track workout starting at Holly Grove Middle School.  People can arrive at varying times. Proposed workouts will be posted in advance on the HSRC Facebook group. Track workouts range from 3-6miles. Do speedwork one week and hill repeats (above) the next.

6:30pm Homegrown Run
Join our group on Tuesday evenings for a nice 3 mile run that starts and finishes at one of the local favorite stops in town, Homegrown Pizza. Nom, nom, nom!!!


5:30 am Pole to Pole Town Hall
On Wednesday mornings you can find the group gathering at the parking lot between My Way Tavern and Town Hall. The route is five miles starting and ending at “poles”…go figure. 

7:00 pm CBC Run
Nothing goes better with running, than beer. Wednesday evenings our group meetup is at Carolina Brewing Company where there’s a solid 2 mile loop. Free childcare is provided while you run. We’re pretty sure that’s why most of the group runs 2-3 laps (4-6 miles). 


6:00 am HSPD Run (Spring and Fall runs only)
Run with our beloved police department, not from them. Typically the route is around 3 miles starting at the police station. Come out and support our friends at HSPD. They run in the spring and fall months and shut down during the winter and summer.

6:30 pm Bombshell Run
Thursday evenings we have our largest group run…probably because we’re at a brewery. The route kicks off at Bombshell Beer Company and heads up towards Womble Park to get in 3-5 miles. Be sure to stick around for a pint. 


6:30/7:00 am Long Run Lowes Foods 207
Saturday mornings at 6:30am or 7:00am our group meets at Lowes Foods for their long runs. The long run mileage will vary with runners going anywhere from 5-22 miles. We run from 5-22 miles. Be sure to keep your eyes on the HSRC Facebook page for updates a day or two before each Saturday for exact times.


HSRC Daytime Running Crew (DRC) – meets a couple times a week at the different locations. Meet ups vary between 9am-1pm and coordinated on a week to week basis. There is no set time or day. Check out their page to stay informed.

Slow Poke Crew (SPC) – They are awesome! Like DRC, the SPC is a subgroup and they coordinate runs for folks who may run a little slower. They usually run 12-14 minute miles. Keep an eye out for SPC posts.

We have a Google Calendar that helps organize the mass chaos that is HSRC. Check it out below. If you would like to add this calendar to your then send us an email to and we’ll invite you to the calendar.