Scavenger Run

The fun part about this run is that it is a team event. You will be on a team and will not be running solo. And you will not be able to choose your team. The race will randomly place you on a team. The goal is to prevent a stacked team of super fast runners. Each team will have 6-8 people depending on number of participants. Once you have your team assignment we start releasing teams in waves every few minutes. Teams will be released two teams at a time with one team running the course clockwise and the other team running the course counter clockwise. Teams will run to their first clue location, decipher the next clue and then head to the next location. Teams must run the entire course together as a team. The course is about 8 miles and there will be 8 clues.  No separating is allowed and all clues must be done in order.  A winning team will be drawn lottery style.  The fastest finishing team will have the most entries.  The slowest finishing team will have the least entries.  The winning team will have a meal bought at Bass Lake Draft House (up to $15 each person) as we will head there after the run to celebrate and socialize. The cost to participate is $5 per person which goes toward winners meals and other race expenses. Any money left over will be declared and then saved for the HSRC Christmas Drive.