Name: Kat Riley

What town do you live in now: Holly Springs

Where are you originally from: Fort Lauderdale, FL

When did you start running: I originally started running in high school. I ran cross country and track for 3 years. Stopped after graduation and started back up again in 2013.

Why did you start running: My parents insisted I take up a sport. I tried swimming but it wasn’t for me. My brother ran, so I just followed in his footsteps. Then after gaining weight all through my 20’s. I found myself starting my 30’s weighing over 200 pounds.  I decided it was time for a change. I was halfway through my weight loss, when my son and I got into a car accident. We were both ok. I suffered from some back pain and went to see a doctor. He told me I was too young to be in so much pain. He suggested I start walking. Well, that got boring fast once my back was feeling better. So I started running. Losing the last of my weight for a total of 70 pounds!

What is your running shoe of choice: Right now I’m wearing the  Brooks Purecadence 6.

What is your favorite running accessory (you don’t leave home without it): My BoB, my daughter, and music! I always have her with me. She’s my sidekick and loves running with her Mom!

What race are you currently training for: I don’t have anything planned until the Derek Davis 5K.

How many days a week do you run: 3-4

How many miles a week do you run: 15-20

What time of day do you like to run: 9:30am with my DRC peeps! Love them!

What is your favorite type of training run (speedwork, hills, tempo, long, easy, etc): Pushing my daughter on the Crossway hills!

What was your most frustrating running related injury: During the Rock n Roll half this year, my shoe was too tight. The top of my foot has been sore ever since.

If you could run any race which one would you choose: The New York marathon. Something about running through such a busy city would be amazing!

What is your favorite distance in a race: 5k

What is your favorite race: I’ve only run 3 races so far. I would say the Holly Springs half (my first half, second race) was probably my favorite!

What was your worst race: I really wanted to get a sub 2 hour finish for RnR. I finished in 2:06. I had a lot on my mind and my shoe was just so tight. I didn’t want to quit or stop. My grandmother was sick in the hospital and I wanted to do my best for my family. Then she passed away that evening.

What is your biggest running accomplishment: That I hit PR after PR pushing my daughter. It feels amazing knowing that I’m getting stronger and faster. After I had her I could barely run a mile under 13 minutes pushing her. Just this past week we finished 3 miles in 27:14!