Name: Cam Terwilliger

What town do you live in now: Fuquay Varina

Where are you originally from: Fuquay Varina

When did you start running: Early 2015

Why did you start running: Wanted to come to run club for the food truck

What is your running shoe of choice: Nike Pegasus 33

What is your favorite running accessory (you don’t leave home without it): Don’t have one

What race are you currently training for: Run The Quay 15k Challenge

How many days a week do you run: 3-4

How many miles a week do you run: 15

What time of day do you like to run: Afternoon

What is your favorite type of training run (speedwork, hills, tempo, long, easy, etc): Easy pace

What was your most frustrating running related injury: No injuries yet

What is your favorite distance in a race: 5k

What is your favorite race: Run the Quay

What was your worst race: My first 5k. Mom beat me by 17 seconds.

What is your biggest running accomplishment: Tobacco Road Half, placing 3rd in my age group.