Name: Robin Stanton

What town do you live in now: Holly Springs

Where are you originally from: Raleigh, NC. Yes, a true native!

When did you start running: 10 years ago

Why did you start running: Trying to get back into shape after having kids, stress, and I have crazy high cholesterol and didn’t want to go on medication.  What I discovered when I started running was that it became the best therapy I could ever have in dealing with the death of my brother.  My brother committed suicide when I was in high school and it left me in a dark place.  I had also lost my dad when I was in middle school.  Looking back on all of those dark times I realize now that God was with me the entire time and sent me an amazing man I have been married to for almost 18 years. Rod helped me find my faith and encourages me to run and achieve more than I ever thought I could.  Running is my mental therapy and my physical therapy.  I have avoided cholesterol medication for over 10 years! Having my faith and my running help me deal with the crazy world we have to live in.

What is your running shoe of choice: Mizuno Wave Inspire

What is your favorite running accessory (you don’t leave home without it): I would have to say my Garmin…I love tracking my runs and pace.

What race are you currently training for: I am currently training for Tobacco Half-Marathon

How many days a week do you run: No more than 3 runs a week and now I have FIA workouts!

How many miles a week do you run: I average 20-25 miles a week when I am not marathon training.

What time of day do you like to run: I prefer early morning runs.

What is your favorite type of training run (speedwork, hills, tempo, long, easy, etc): I love the track….I find track workouts really increase my speed and it’s a very rewarding workout.

What was your most frustrating running related injury: I threw out my back one week before Erie Marathon in September.  I had worked so hard training in the summer heat and then had to be dry needled and taped for the race.

If you could run any race which one would you choose: I want to go back and run “Peak to Creek Marathon” in the NC mountains.  It is one of my favorite races.  The race is small, in the mountains during the fall season, and no spectators with a mountain stream for most of the race.  The race is about 15 miles downhill and the rest is flat.  Loved it!

What is your favorite distance in a race: If you would have asked me about a year ago I would have said a marathon, but I am a little burned out on marathons, so for now I am really enjoying half-marathon distances.

What is your favorite race: Boston…I made it there twice and loved every minute of each race.  I trained so hard to make it there, so each time I ran I celebrated those 26.2 miles.

What was your worst race: Erie Marathon….as I mentioned before I messed up my back one week before the race, at mile 13 my back went into spasms, at mile 17 I couldn’t feel my legs, and at mile 23 I fell.  Yes, I kept on running…why do you ask?  My HSRC family was waiting for me at the finish line. Even though it was my worst race it  was very rewarding to cross that finish line.

What is your biggest running accomplishment: Many people would think I would say running Boston, but for me it’s what I do in my classroom.  I am a 3rd grade teacher and when I started running I started having my students set personal goals that they would complete by my next race. Students make all kinds of goals: art goals, music goals, athletic goals, cooking goals, writing, building..whatever they are interested in doing. I love seeing my students set goals they are truly interested in achieving, working on those goals, and best of all celebrating with them.