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Amount of food donated to the Holly Springs Food Cupboard in 2016
Best run club in the entire world. We run, laugh, commiserate, support, raise money for worthy causes, and run some more. Always running.
Kim H.
I started “running” in April 2015 and trained for a half-marathon on my own. A couple of days before that race I ended up at an HSRC run and met some amazing people who treated me with respect and offered motivation and encouragement. I had no real intention of continuing to run after that first half-marathon but in the year since I have ran four more halves and was even talked into running and completed a FULL marathon. I’m happy to report that since my initial run with the group I have ran TWO times by myself. Which is great, because running alone sucks.
Aaron W.
Without this group I would be unhappy, unhealthy, depressed, lost, and most importantly alone. Never in my life did I think something as simple as lacing up my shoes and starting to run could reward me with lifelong friends and the people I have been looking for the last 10 years I have lived here. If you are feeling lost, or alone I promise you the friendships you have been searching for are in here. Just get out there and join us! You’ll never regret it.
Jaime B.
This club is amazing and feels like a family. They run at all different levels and make a point to include all and welcome anyone new with open arms. They also are heavily involved with the community and they take care of each other too. I look forward to every time I get a chance to run with them.
Carey A.
Best runclub in the world!!!!! A variety of people and levels of runners. Motivational and amazing. Besides. Who doesn’t know our famous members;)
Candice C.
HSRC truly has it all. It is totally inclusive and provides a supportive environment. The members of this group truly rally around every runner, every race, every pace. There is no I’m not a runner business. Speed doesn’t determine if you are a runner, effort, attitude, and heart do. This run club has some of the most amazing people that challenge me every day not just to be a better runner, but a better human being. It is family friendly and more than just a run club. It’s family.
Amber H.
I’d never been a part of a run club before until HSRC, but I don’t see how any run club could be better than this one. You will never run into more supportive, encouraging, just plain fun to be around people. All abilities are welcome and there is always seems to be something going every day of the week. Awesome group.
Wendy A.
I love HSRC! Everyone is so welcoming. I was hesitant to attend one of the evening runs because I didn’t feel like I was fast enough but found that people of ALL paces attend! The “SPC” (slow poke club) accommodates those wishing to do intervals and goals are distance vs time. I’ve found that since I’ve joined, I have gone longer and gotten faster. The sense of community is amazing!
Wendy Q.
Great friendly and welcoming group for runners of all abilities
Kevin G.